Illness shouldn’t shatter families.

Let’s give them a hand.

Byadeinu, a project of Kapayim, was created to harness the power of hafrashas challah to help support cholei Yisroel.

Separating challah — one of the three special mitzvos given uniquely to women — is a mitzvah that has been cherished by women throughout the generations. Understanding the spiritual significance inherent in the mitzvah of hafrashas challah, women have long treasured the opportunity to use these moments to daven for all their spiritual and material needs. The Ben Ish Chai states that women have the custom to give tzedakah before performing this mitzvah, creating additional merits at this auspicious time.

Combining these two mitzvos with the well-known segulah of the power of 40, B’yadeinu members unleash an outpouring of Heavenly blessing every week to help thousands of cholei Yisroel … and themselves.

How it works:

  • Donate just $2 a week to assist Kapayim in supporting cholei Yisroel.
  • Commit for a full year and have the opportunity to submit a name to be included in members’ tefillos at the time of hafrashah.
  • Let us know if you bake challah every week and you’ll automatically be added to a group of 40 women. (Challah baking is optional. By joining Byadeinu, you too will accrue the merits of the mitzvah by virtue of your weekly donation.)

You can also become a Byadeinu Ambassador and form your own group of 40 women who will join Byadeinu and bake challah every week.

Member benefits:

  • 24/6 access to Byadeinu’s hotline, with an array of inspirational speakers, challah baking tips, and more.
  • Schedule of upcoming events.
  • Additional benefits coming soon!

Join Byadeinu and create a wave of brachos, refuos and yeshuos for yourself, your loved ones, and others.

And may your hands always be filled with Hashem’s blessings.


Yes, I want to help cholei Yisroel!